Pea Shoots
Sunflower Shoots

Standard Microgreens
Radish, Daikon (white stem)
Radish, Red Arrow (pink stem)
Micro mix (kale, cabbage, several types of radish)

Premium Microgreens
Mustard (Mizuna, Red Garnet, or Wasabi)
Radish, Rambo (deep purple leaves and stem)

Micro Herbs
Basil, Sweet or Thai

Pea Shoots

“Taste like spring”, this versatile beauty is a crowd favorite. Try them sautéed for a whole new realm of possibilities.

Sunflower shoots

Sunflower shoots have a slightly nutty taste and crunchy texture. We take pride in providing a crisp product with almost no hulls.


A mild workhorse, kale is a popular choice to dress up main dishes like fish and steaks.  Green tops, slightly pink stems.

Triton Purple Radish

Beautiful green tops with purple and white stems, these dudes are just as spicy as you would expect a microgreen radish to be.

Daikon Radish

Basically the same as triton purple, but green tops and white stems.

Rambo Radish

Rambo radish adds a punch of purple.  Gorgeous deep purple leaves with a strong radish taste.


Very similar taste to kale, with dark green leaves and purple stems.